2017 General Assembly meeting

The annual meeting of the nrg4SD General Assembly was held on 4-5 October in Saint Denis, France,  hosted by La Reunion. 20 delegates from 13 member regions participated from the meeting and discussed strategic, governing and technical aspects concerning the Networks performance not only in the next year, but also in the near future. Indeed, 2017 marks the nrg4SD 15th anniversary, and the General Assembly meeting made a special point on that, not only to celebrate, but especially to assess our accomplishments to date and discuss a successful planning for the future, aiming at ensuring at least another 15 years of subnational visibility and participation from the global agendas. It was confirmed that nrg4SD would focus efforts in climate change, biodiversity and sustainable development, and would promote alliances and partnerships among members to ensure the development of sub-thematic lines of work. In addition, the RegionsAdapt and Regions4Biodiversity initiatives were strongly supported by members, as excellence examples of joint and regular work of different regional governments in climate adaptation and Aichi Targets, respectively. The Network, with strong solidarity basis, will support the Visiting Experts and Call4Projects programs, and will continue assisting members to participate at UN Summits. An important effort will be developed in communication, providing exciting news about it very soon. From the governing perspective, the General Assembly approved unanimously the candidacy of Azuay, Ecuador, to become the new President for the South of the Network; Ms. Maria Cecilia Alvarado, Vice-President of Azuay, will be personally developing such position with a strong focus in the increase of supports in Latin America. Indeed, the next General Assembly meeting of nrg4SD will be held in June 2018 in Cuenca, Ecuador, hosted by the new President for the South.

La Reunion, in its capacity of Vice-President of nrg4SD for Africa and the Indian Ocean, held alongside the General Assembly meeting the International Conference on Climate Adaptation “Islands: lands of innovative solutions to all territories”. The event gathered subnational leaders from 17 countries, high level representatives from Parties –France, Mauritius or Seychelles-, representatives from likeminded partners, academia and civil society. The Conference served to showcase successful stories on climate adaptation developed in different territories of the world and helped to create partnerships, as well as knowledge and capacity transfer. Besides, the discussions developed helped to identify the capacities and results achieved to date, as well as to point the challenges subnational governments face when tackling climate change. Such outcomes were gathered in a position paper led by nrg4SD and La Reunion that will be conveyed to the UNFCCC COP 23 as main contribution of our Network. The position paper counts with the support of other partners –R20, TCG and ORU FOGAR- who joined efforts with us to raise the voice and statute of subnational governments in Bonn.

All in all, the events were a success, not only for the excellent organization provided by La Reunion as hosts to the meetings, but also for the quality of the discussions and the results achieved, which ensure subnational leadership in the global agendas and the capacity and strong commitment of subnational authorities to work jointly for sustainable territories across the world.

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