RegionsAdapt News: engagement, growth and partnership

From 7 to 10 March 2017, nrg4SD participated in the eleventh meeting of the Adaptation Committee (AC) in its role as observer organization to the UNFCCC. The meeting took place in Bonn, Germany, back to back with the 15th meeting of the Standing Committee on Finance (SCF) and the 31st meeting of the Least Developed Countries Expert Group (LEG). Participants discussed the joint mandates stemming from decision 1/CP21 (Adoption of the Paris Agreement).

For each joint mandate, the UNFCCC Secretariat prepared a paper with general considerations, modality options, and further steps. These papers reflect past discussions of the AC and the LEG, a desk review undertaken by the Secretariat, and submissions received from Parties and other stakeholders, such as nrg4SD, whose submission stressed the importance of recognizing subnational governments under the Convention and providing space for their engagement and contributions. The next meeting of the Adaptation Committee will take place on 19 to 22 September 2017 (for more information about the 11th meeting of the AC, please click here).

Participating in UNFCCC processes also represents a unique opportunity for disseminating RegionsAdapt, the flagship initiative nrg4SD runs on climate adaptation, as well as the actions of its members.

More exchange in priority areas

RegionsAdapt has been growing consistently since its launch, during COP21. Currently the initiative counts with 69 member governments from all continents, which makes it a far-reaching and powerful initiative for knowledge exchange.

After the launch of the “RegionsAdapt 2016 Report: an assessment of risks and actions” , the initiative is ready to announce a new important step. On March 20th, the initiative has inaugurated three new Working Groups (WG) in highly strategic thematic areas:

  • WG 3 – Agriculture and zootechnics

16 regional governments confirmed

Coordinator: Rio de Janeiro

  • WG 5 – Infrastructure and territorial planning

8 regional governments confirmed

Coordinator: Fatick

Technical Partner: Global Infrastructure Basel Foundation

  • WG 7 – Social impacts and adaptation

7 regional governments confirmed

Coordinator: Cross River

These new Working Groups complement the work being carried out in other four already existing ones: 1-Water resources and management; 2-Resilience and disaster risk reduction; 4-Forestry, protected areas and biodiversity; and 6-Economic impacts and opportunities.

The new Working Groups are open to additional participants. The first online meetings of the new Working Groups are expected to take place on late April or early May, and members who already confirmed their participation will receive information about upcoming activities in soon.

New technical partnerships

In this context, nrg4SD is pleased to announce that it has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Global Infrastructure Basel Foundation (GIB). According to this agreement, GIB will act as a Technical Partner in WG5, providing members with expertise on sustainable infrastructure, such as through the assessment of the sustainability of their projects based on the organization’s tool SmartScan and the SuRe® Standard for Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure.

Next Webinar

Reporting efforts on climate adaptation annually, through CDP´s States and Regions Platform, represents one of the three commitments of RegionsAdapt members. In 2017, this will take place from April 4th to June 30th, when the platform remains open to data submissions. To support governments in this process, guidance and orientation will be provided on a webinar next April 5th (Wednesday) at 3pm GMT. Please click here to register.

Those interested in learning more about RegionsAdapt, please access our website or contact us at: <>.


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