November 13 14:30 - 15:15

Announcement event on the BreatheLife Campaign at the Sustainable Innovation Forum (UN Environment, nrg4SD)

Starts: November 13 14:30

Ends: November 13 15:15

Location: VIP Room Sustainable Innovation Forum Deutsche Post DHL Group - Platz der Deutschen Post

On 13th November 2017, nrg4SD together with the UN Environment will hold a Press Announcement of the first regions joining the BreatheLife Campaign, with a call for action to other regions to join and address the air pollution crisis.

UN Environment’s Deputy Executive Director, Ibrahim Thiaw, will be at the event to make the announcement of the MoU with nrg4SD and to welcome the first group of regions joining the Campaign. Following this, two representatives of the participant regions will share their motivations to join the initiative and to improve the air pollution issue in their regions.

At the end of the event, the high-level representatives will be invited to leave a message in a “Signing Wall” for the Campaign.


All the nrg4SD members who have already confirmed their presence at COP 23 will be registered and have an special access to Sustainable Innovation Forum.



The Sustainable Innovation Forum (SIF17) will take place on the lawn of the Deutsche Post DHL Group Post Tower, only some steps away from the COP23 ‘Bula Zone’. SIF17 will take place inside an award-winning inflatable structure that will be powered by DHL’s renewable energy with all food waste from the Forum being converted into energy.

For arrival to the Sustainable Innovation Forum (Climate Action Dome):

By taxi Please use the address:

The DHL Post Tower
Deutsche Post DHL Group
Platz der Deutschen Post /
53113 Bonn

Public Transportation

The region is well connected through public transportation, with trains, metros/ trams and buses running at short intervals.  From most places in the region, no more than one change of transport needs to be made to arrive at the conference centre. City authorities are not encouraging private transportation arrangements. Considering the usual metropolitan heavy traffic, especially during rush hours, the expected numbers of COP23 participants, and the security measures around the conference and throughout the city, cars, vans and coaches are not likely to be faster than buses, trams, metros and trains. In addition, they are less climate and environmental friendly.

Event and Organizers

About the Sustainable Innovation Forum

The 8th annual Sustainable Innovation Forum will take place on 13-14 November in Bonn, Germany, alongside COP23. Attendance is by invitation only to 600 leaders from Government, municipalities, the investment community, commercial business, UN, civil society groups and NGOs, in order to address climate change and accelerate green economic growth.  More information at

Watch Event Showreel:

About Climate Action

Climate Action was created in official partnership with UN Environment 10 years ago to encourage governments, commercial industry leaders, distinguished academics, civil society groups and environmentalists to materially engage in the COP negotiations.

Since COP13 in Bali, Climate Action has stood alongside UN Environment to address global climate challenges, demonstrate leading solutions and build partnerships between business, government and public bodies to accelerate international sustainable development and advance the green economy.

Other recommended events


15:30 – Opening of the Clean Air Panel

Climate Leader Insight


15:40 – 15:50 – Clean Air Leader Address: Clean Air – Cities have both problem and the solutions

– City issue: Oslo’s challenges with poor air quality

– City solutions: Oslo’s policy tools incentives, regulations, fees and other measures

– Global issue: Poor air quality is a challenge that is felt across cities around the globe. International cooperation is crucial and Oslo has joined forces with cities like London and Paris to address this at the global level.


15:50 to 16:45 – Innovative Solutions for International Clean Air Crisis

– Zeroing in on change: the role of zero carbon mass transit, freight and logistics in achieving clean air in cities

– How big data and artificial intelligence are providing solutions in predicting pollution and supporting decisions on emission reduction actions

– How to overcome the health and economic risks of air pollution with effective national and local government policies

To know more about the agenda, please access:


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