Aquitaine (France)

Country: France

Population: 3.285.970

GDP per capita USD: 27.583


Aquitaine has a regional programme 2014-2020 which aims to adapt to climate change. It wishes to increase the use of renewable energy by 20% and increase the protection of citizens against natural disasters. The initiative “Aquitaine Durable” aims at including a regional transport system that supports regional stakeholders and preserves biodiversity. The region has initiated a study on the climate change impacts for the region until 2050, with 170 scientists involved for 2 years. Following the report, the region has initiated a forum of exchange before deciding on actions and solutions for Aquitaine. “Le Défi Aquitaine Climat” has the following goals for 2015: Improve the energy competitiveness of the region; promote the decentralised use of renewable energy; develop innovative financing for renewable energy. This includes a target of 32% of renewable energy, 30% reduction of CO2-emission and a 30% energy efficiency improvement by 2030.

Aquitaine aims to encourage sustainable integrated urban development. The region invests 10 million euros in environmental projects with the aims of preserving environmental sites in the region, supporting the education on sustainable development, increase the number of regional parks and promote the transition to a circular economy. Since 2010 it has a sustainable development report, which focuses on fighting climate change and on promoting the sustainable use and consumption of products.

The regional program Aquitaine 2014-2020 aims to preserve biodiversity. The region engages in the biodiversity preservation since 2005 with a total budget of 2,5 million euro and the following tools: The contract “Aquitaine Nature” and “Le Reseau Aquitaine Nature” with 35 managers, a regional natural park preservation, the biodiversity region “trame verte et bleue” and the protection of environmentally sensitive flora and fauna by outlining regional preservation areas.


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