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Why become a member?

nrg4SD enables members to:

  • Benchmark work and validate approaches to issues; share information; learn from experiences, and identify and define global best practices;
  • Facilitate bilateral and multilateral partnerships, also for decentralised cooperation projects, with other subnational governments committed to sustainable development, UN entities and EU bodies; private sector organisations and academia;
  • Better understand and prepare for future sustainable development policy and funding, while influencing it from the source at international negotiation processes;
  • Further the international recognition of the subnational governments’ contribution to sustainable development and the need for a territorial dimension of any sustainable development policies;
  • Promote sustainable development at subnational level throughout the world, and;
  • Profile the commitments and achievements of a territory in the three dimensions of sustainable develoment - i.e. economic, social and environmental

What services do we provide to members?

  • Smart partnering and networking for common goals
  • Access to resources - Information and advice, capacity building, funding opportunities and partners
  • Influencing future policy and funding - Being in the right place at the right time
  • Profiling and learning - From common struggle to pioneeing initiatives and mutual learning

Please consult the detailed information on the services nrg4SD provides to members here

How to become a member?

All subnational governments and associations of subnational governments who accept the nrg4SD Founding Declaration of Gauteng and the payment of an annual fee can apply for membership to nrg4SD.

Annual membership fees are individually determined in accordance to population and Gross Domestic Product GDP, based on official and public information directly provided by members and candidate members on the annual fee and application forms. 

  • Table of membership fees  PDF - DOC

To become a member please complete the relevant form below following the instructions indicated on the form:

  • Full membership form  PDF - DOC
  • Associate membership form  PDF - DOC

Once the forms completed by the relevant authority are received by the Secretariat, the Steering Committee of nrg4SD will examine the application. Following the positive recommendation of the Steering Committee, the General Assembly of nrg4SD ratifies the accession of the new member.

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