Biodiversity Learning Platform pilot project

The first in person meeting of the Biodiversity Learning Platform pilot project was held on 28th June in Barcelona. Representatives from the project partners Catalonia, Goias, Gossas, Quebec and Sao Paolo took active part in the meeting. Additionally, some subnational governments were invited to take part as observers, namely: the Aichi Prefecture, Western Province, Fatick and Lombardy.

Learning Platform - 1st MeetingThe meeting aimed at pooling information from project partners on the current state of their biodiversity strategies and action plans with regards to the implementation of the Convention of Biological Diversity and, especially, the achievement of the Aichi targets. To that end, innovative facilitation techniques were used, such as graphic recording to promote dialogue and genuine interest focused oriented. Those techniques helped to draw a broad picture for each project partner on the state-of-the-art in their territories with regards to their biodiversity strategies and action plans, and highlighted both capacities and outstanding needs of all project partners. True discussions and showcase of expertise happened in the meeting, where project partners’ delegates made several presentations and exchanged their expectations with regards to their current state of the art.

The second in person meeting will be held in Sao Paolo by the end of September alongside the VIII Sao Paolo Biodiversity Meeting-EPBIO. In the second phase of the pilot project the capacities and gaps of members will be matched promoting bilateral cooperation for technical exchange among project partners.


Check the pictures on nrg4SD Flickr.


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