Buenos Aires Province (Argentina)

Country: Argentina

Population: 15.625.084

GDP per capita USD: 10.303

Webpage: http://www.opds.gba.gov.ar

Buenos Aires Province is the largest and most populated Argentinian province. The province emphasises the importance of environmental education for children. The province has established a programme for environmental education focusing on promoting the knowledge of different environmental themes and the critical analysis of their connection to social, economic and cultural aspects. Overall, it aims to contribute to the construction of a new model of society based on the principles of sustainability by incorporating environmental education in the curriculum.

The province has developed a programme named “Generación 3 R”, focusing on reducing, reusing and recycling materials. It aims at preventing the pollution of the environment by developing a sustainable use of waste and finding an equilibrium between economic development, environmental protection and social participation in a form that guarantees the sustainable use of resources. The programme is implemented via environmental education programs, campaigns for raising awareness and fostering the participation of all parts of society in the region. The province has moreover established a program to promote sustainable tourism, which works together with the Ministry of Tourism. It aims at promoting the sustainable and efficient use of resources in the tourism sector in a way that it promotes a competitive advantage of the tourism sector in the region compared to national and international competitors. It also specifically aims to promote the knowledge of the correct use of recycling mechanisms by both the tourism sector as well as the population.

The province has various areas, which are protected by legislation due to their high environmental value. The protection aims at conserving various areas of high biodiversity with valuable ecosystems. It aims at developing natural reserves under a unified operational structure and to promote scientific research and field work that allows to promote an understanding of the natural habitat. Moreover, the initiative aims to establish educational programs inside the protected areas together with all relevant stakeholders.


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