Catalonia presents its third report on climate change

On January 30th, the government of Catalonia has launched the Third Report on Climate Change in Catalonia (TICCC) which analyzes the evolution of climate change and its impact on the natural and human systems of the territory, and proposes recommendations on mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

The report brings together a comprehensive compilation of scientific research on this subject in Catalonia, the result of the participation of 140 authors and 40 reviewers from the main universities and research centers in the region. In this sense, the TICCC aims to facilitate the transfer of rigorous knowledge, with a strong scientific base, to those responsible for decision making.

With a clear public service vocation and a scientifically independent nature, the document describes the main evidences of climate change in Catalonia and formulates strategic recommendations, elaborated by the authors of the various chapters, to reduce emissions of Greenhouse effect gases and adapt natural and human systems to the effects of climate change.

Minister Josep Rull reinforced “Catalonia has set clear targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions: by 2020, a reduction of 25% compared to 2005, while for 2030 we reduce them by 40%. “

The evolution of climate change and its effects in Catalonia

According to the report, Catalonia could experience a temperature rise of 0.8 ° C this decade and 1.4 ° C by 2050 (compared to the average of the period 1971 to 2000), and a possible reduction in rainfall by mid century XXI.
Moreover, all climate scenarios point to an increase in temperature extremes, heat waves and tropical nights (especially in the coastal and littoral) nights and warm days, and the duration of the dry gusts . There is also evidence of an increase in the frequency and intensity of days with torrential rains .

cat2Regarding ecosystems, its resilience and its structure and functioning might be compromised, affecting  services that are essential to the functioning of the catalan economy and society.
At the same time, the daily routine of the Catalans might be affected by the worsening effects of air pollution due to the increase in temperature, among other impacts.

The report also highlights significant impacts on the coast (with effect on tourism, urban and port infrastructures) and stands that together with the increase of air temperature, the gradual reduction of rainfall, along with an increase in its irregularity, might affect directly the catalan food system.

The document is an excellent reference regarding the regionalization of the analyzes and projections on global warming made worldwide and European institutions such as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) or the European Agency of Environment. 

TO DOWNLOAD the Report, click here.

Check also the Infografic report below (only in Catalan):





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