Climate Change in the Basque Country: 22 Best Practices

The Basque Country has released the document “Climate Change in the Basque Country: 22 Best Practices”, which sets out the projects being implemented by companies and public authorities to face the challenges of the impact of climate change in the territory.

All these projects aim to facilitate the fulfillment of the targets of the Climate Change Strategy of the Basque Country to 2050: to cut emissions and adapt to climate change.

The publication sets out the 22 best practices submitted by local entities, the public administration and different business organisations in the first two calls of 2015 and 2016 and it seeks to recognise those initiatives.

The initiatives reflect the steps that are being taken by the Basque Country government to transform climate change into an opportunity to produce goods and services with lower emissions and implement strategies to adapt to climate change. They also reinforce a strategic dimension for the new Basque economy: innovation is taking place to progress towards a committee society and a sustainable economy, based on clean consumption and production and driven by the exemplary leadership of the public sectors.

The ratification of the Paris Agreement consolidates the framework of the Basque Government’s policies regarding Climate Change and towards a low-carbon economy. The roadmap for action in the Basque Country is clearly defined in the Climate Change Strategy for the Basque Country, and in the Basque Country Energy Strategy 2030  passed in 2015 and 2016, respectively.

The Basque Country policies to advance towards the low-carbon economy will focus on energy saving by improving efficiency, on increasing the use of renewable energies or on driving the use of alternative energy sources in transport in all sectors of the economy.

Among our priorities, activities for 2017 and 2018 the Basque Country will promote the Decree on Voluntary Initiatives regarding Climate Change that will allow those organisations that develop emissions reduction, offsetting, carbon fixing or climate change adaptation projects to receive social recognition in accordance with the acquired commitments.

The publication “Climate Change in the Basque Country: 22 Best Practices” gathers some of those inspiring practices that are already up and running.

The government also informed that a new call will be held in 2017 to identify new best practices.


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