About RegionsAdapt


The RegionsAdapt initiative is a global framework to inspire and support regional governments to take action, collaborate and report efforts on climate change adaptation. More specifically, RegionsAdapt is a platform for:

  1. Tracking state, regional and provincial adaptation plans and strategies across the world;
  2. Promoting the acceleration of the adoption or revision of regional climate adaptation plans and strategies;
  3. Promoting concrete actions on adaptation;
  4. Regions to cooperate and share best practices within their different capacities and experiences on climate adaptation;
  5. Reporting and monitoring adaptation processes, actions and their outcomes.


Commissioned by the governments of Catalonia and Rio de Janeiro, the initiative was born from an understanding that regional governments needed a platform to exchange experiences on their adaptation action.

During nrg4SD’s 2015 General Assembly in Western Province, Sri Lanka, the governments of Catalonia and Rio de Janeiro decided to support nrg4SD in establishing an initiative to promote such exchange, as well as to help other governments accelerating their efforts.

RegionsAdapt was officially launched at the UNFCCC Conference of the Parties 21, in Paris, on December 3, 2015.

Secretariat, Partners and Participants

The Network of Regional Governments for Sustainable Development – nrg4SD – acts as the Secretariat to the RegionsAdapt and CDP makes the adaptation data available to RegionsAdapt in the reporting process. Other partnerships were made between the Working Groups and stakeholders like Cap-Net and the GIB Foundations. These technical partners support the working groups with knowledge and in the development of projects.

At the launch of the initiative 27 founding participants signed the Declaration of Adhesion. Since then the initiative grew to almost 70 signatory regional governments and associations of regions from five continents.

This number continues to grow and you can check on current participant governments here.


By joining RegionsAdapt initiative, governments commit to:

  1. Adopt a strategic approach to adaption and prioritize adaptation actions, e.g. through adopting or reviewing a regional plan or strategy on climate change adaptation within two years of joining the initiative;
  2. Take concrete action on adaptation in at least one of the key priority areas identified by the regions;

Report data on the progress of the adaptation actions on an annual basis through the risk and adaptation section of CDP’s states and regions platform.

Key priority areas

The initiative has seven key priority areas:

  • Water Resources and Management;
  • Resilience and Disaster Risk Reduction;
  • Agriculture and Zootechnics;
  • Forestry, Protected Areas and Biodiversity;
  • Infrastructure and Territorial Planning;
  • Economic Impacts and Opportunities;
  • Social Impacts and Adaptation.

These key priority areas are discussed within working groups, which are established and coordinated by RegionsAdapt participants. To know more about Working Groups.


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