What is this initiative about?
Who can join it?
Are there any membership fees required to join the initiative?
Why is this initiative focused on regional governments?
By joining RegionsAdapt, what do regional governments commit to?
What are the priority areas included in the initiative?
Do members need to get involved with all priority areas once joining the initiative?
What are these Working Groups about?
What is the working language in RegionsAdapt´s Working Groups?
When, where and by whom was this initiative created?
What is the relation between nrg4SD and RegionsAdapt?
Is RegionsAdapt exclusive to nrg4SD´s members?
What is nrg4SD about?
What kind of benefits regional governments may have by joining RegionsAdapt?
What kind of services is available to participants in the initiative?
What kind of outputs the initiative expects to deliver?
What kind of other initiatives will RegionsAdapt try to explore synergies with?
Who are the founding regional governments of the initiative?
What is the timeframe of the initiative?
Based on what performance indicators will the initiative be assessed throughout time?

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