Founding Participants

27 regions from all continents signed the RegionsAdapt Declaration of Adhesion as founding participants: 9 from Latin America, 6 from Africa, 5 from North America, 4 from Europe, 2 from Australia/Oceania, 1 from Asia. These regions account for over 200 million inhabitants:

  1. Australian Capital Territory (Australia)
  2. Azuay (Ecuador)
  3. Basque Country (Spain)
  4. British Columbia (Canada)
  5. California (USA)
  6. Catalonia (Spain)
  7. Ceará (Brazil)
  8. Fatick (Senegal)
  9. Goiás (Brazil)
  10. Gossas (Senegal)
  11. Jalisco (Mexico)
  12. KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa)
  13. Lombardia (Italy)
  14. Paraná (Brazil)
  15. Prince Edward Island (Canada)
  16. Québec (Canada)
  17. Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
  18. Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)
  19. Saint Louis (Senegal)
  20. São Paulo (Brazil)
  21. South Australia (Australia)
  22. Sud-Comoé (Ivory Coast)
  23. Tocantins (Brazil)
  24. Tombouctou (Mali)
  25. Vermont (Canada)
  26. Wales (UK)
  27. Western Province (Sri Lanka)

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