Why Join

Subnational governments have a critical role to play in addressing climate change and ensuring concrete results of adaptation actions. They have authority over key aspects of climate policy, including energy, transportation, and the build environment, and play a fundamental role enhancing coordination and cooperation across all levels of government.

RegionsAdapt is an opportunity for regional governments to:

  1. Join an ambitious global group of subnational governments who are pioneer in climate change adaptation;
  2. Have a platform to showcase their regional actions on adaptation;
  3. Establish an extensive communication with other governments, offering and learning best practices;
  4. Become part of a global, standardized reporting system led by The Climate Group, R20, nrg4SD and CDP;
  5. Take part in CDP’s global reporting system and join over 5,000 companies, 200 cities, and 44 states and regions that already measure, manage and report their vital environmental information.

Services To Participants

RegionsAdapt provides different resources and opportunities to participants, including:

  • The RegionsAdapt Office, which offers support to interested and participating governments in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese;
  • Working groups established around the key priority areas of the initiative, gathering RegionsAdapt signatories upon their interests; (link to working groups)
  • Webinars to discuss topics of interest of all participants organised together with partners;
  • Networking opportunities organised to foster exchange and help participants to be part of a community of practice;
  • Workshops and events alongside major conferences to raise awareness about the initiative, its opportunities and the benefits of action;
  • Call for Projects for RegionsAdapt participants who are also nrg4SD members;
  • Materials and publications foster the visibility of participants’ adaptation activities.

Synergies With Other Initiatives

RegionsAdapt works closely with UN bodies and other key partners to ensure synergies with other initiatives, particularly:

  • Compact of States and Regions: RegionsAdapt participants can report data on the progress of the adaptation actions through the risk and adaptation section of CDP’s states and regions platform;
  • Mayors Adapt RegionsAdapt is aligning its questionnaire and exploring a vertical integration with this initiative which engages cities on climate change adaptation;
  • The Subnational Global Climate Leadership MOU (Under 2 MOU ): RegionsAdapt is exploring linkages with the Under2MOU, as states and regions signatories of the MOU also agree to collaborate on actions to promote adaptation and resilience;
  • UNFCCC NAZCA portal: RegionsAdapt is working with the UNFCCC to ensure that relevant data collected on state and regional government climate action is fed into the NAZCA portal (Non-state Actor Zone for Climate Action).


  • Exchange of best practices within the key priority areas identified by the regions;
  • Webinars;
  • Co-funded projects for RegionsAdapt participants;
  • Global Map of participants’ adaptation strategies and plans;
  • Publication of a compilation of case studies and best practices;
  • Guidebook on regional adaptation (to be confirmed);
  • Including data on regional adaptation initiatives into the NAZCA database (to be confirmed).

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