Conferencia Internacional Regions4Biodiversity

Alongside the General Assembly meeting, an international conference on biodiversity will be held as a milestone on the road to the CBD COP 13. Indeed, the “Regions for Biodiversity: achieving the Aichi targets” will be held on Thursday 30. June and Friday 1st of July at the Art Nouveau Site of Sant Pau in Barcelona.

The Conference “Regions for Biodiversity: achieving the Aichi targets” will gather sub-national leaders from across the world, together with high level officials of the UN and the EU, aside from representative of preservation organizations and stakeholders. The event will promote thoughtful dialogue and discussions on the implementation of the Convention of Biological Diversity and the achievement of the Aichi targets.

The Conference includes overview sessions on global biodiversity governance and how sub-national governments pave the road to the COP 13 and beyond, as well as specific sessions on the Aichi targets: causes of biodiversity loss and reducing direct pressures (goals A and B), the benefits to all from safeguarding ecosystems (goals C and D) and participatory planning, knowledge management and capacity building (goal E). High level representatives of sub-national governments such as Aichi, Gossas, Fatick, Sao Paolo, the Basque Country, Quebec or Lombardy will share their expertise and showcase experiences in the achievement of the Aichi goals. In addition, preservation organizations such as the IUCN, the European Environmental Bureau or the European Centre for Nature Conservation will bring along their achievements and reflections on the implementation of the Convention of Biological Diversity.

As a result of the Conference, the conclusions of participants will be gathered in a common view towards the COP 13 that will serve as contribution to the Sub-national Summit that the Secretariat of the CBD will host on 10-11 December in Cancun.


Registration to the Conference is open and free. Register now at:

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