Sud Comoé launches initiative to preserve forests by building efficient fireplaces in rural areas

Signature of the collaboration agreement between President AKA and the Director of IFEF Moossou (Grand Bassam)

As an nrg4SD member, the Regional Council of Sud Comoé is fully engaged in combatting climate change and pursuing sustainable development for its citizens and territory. In particular, through its participation in RegionsAdapt, Sud Comoé fosters adaptation actions in development of the commitments of the initiative. One of those actions is the one related to the protection and preservation of its forests in the context of deforestation due to human activities. In particular, the five classified forests of Sud Comoé -Soumié, Songan, Toumanguié, Tamin et Ehania- are threatened by human activities related to the use of charcoal and wood for cooking and smoking fish –a very usual economic activity developed by women in rural areas.  Rural areas face severe difficulties in accessing domestic gas and therefore, it is crucial to ensure the satisfaction of human needs without damaging biodiversity and ecosystems. In this framework, the Regional Council of Sud Comoé developed an initiative in collaboration with the Training and Education Institute for Women (IFEF) to build efficient fireplaces in rural areas. The initiative responds to the legal competence of Sud Comoé in ensuring territorial cohesion and continuum, as well as the wish to improve life quality and health of women in rural areas. The action is simple –due to the limited resources- but

A group of some of the beneficiaries of the action together with representatives of the Regional Council and IFEF.

effective: a raise of awareness campaign on the need to preserve the forests, as well as training activities in building efficient fireplaces addressed to a target group of 100 women from four departments of the Regional Council. Usually, cooking and fish smoking are developed with charcoal on metallic fireplaces that consume very much sources. The efficient fireplaces are traditional mini-ovens built with clay, and present three advantages in comparison to ordinary metallic fireplaces: they use less wood, they conserve heat better even after fire is extinguished, and release less smoke. Besides, their simple conception makes them affordable to all, since to build them it is only needed clay, stones, dried grass, palm grain waste and small iron bars.

In conclusion, efficient fireplaces are a simple but effective action for climate adaptation, since they limit the destruction of the carbon sinks that the forests of Sud Comoé mean. Besides, they reduce walking and fatigue of rural women collecting wood, enabling them to focus in other important activities. Also, efficient fireplaces reduce emissions from smoking activities, and therefore improve the health of the users. More significantly, they contribute to the implementation of SDGs 3 (health), 12 (sustainable consumption and production), 13 (climate change) and 15 (ecosystems, forests and biodiversity).

Organisations, partners and members of nrg4SD are invited to support the initiative in collaboration with the Regional Council and IFEF, whose cooperation will be enlarged should external resources be achieved. Interested investors are welcome to contact the nrg4SD Secretariat, who will put you directly in touch with Sud Comoé’s authorities for further information.



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