UNFCCC Climate Change Conference, Bonn – Recommended events

Climate negotiators will gather in Bonn from May 8th to 18th for the May Sessions of the UNFCCC Climate Change Conference. The negotiations will serve to finalise the Paris Agreement rule book needed to make the Paris Agreement operational. In Marrakech, world leaders reaffirmed their dedication to the timely implementation of the Paris Agreement and the Bonn Sessions function to translate the visions into action. The COP 22 in Marrakech was also a platform for non-sate actors, like cities, regions, businesses and many others to be integrated as essential actors in the global climate actions.  This month’s Climate Change Conference will again give non-state actors, and among them regional governments, the opportunity to be actively involved in the process.


One day before the actual start of the conference, on Sunday, May 7th, the Advisory Group of Local and Regional Governments at Cop 23 will meet at the Bonn City Hall to discuss the engagement of stakeholders in the COP process, the progress since COP 22 and the plans for COP 23 of the Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action, as well as the agenda of local and regional governments at COP 23 and the associated Summit. In the afternoon of the same day COP 23 consultations with UNFCCC delegations, as well as members and allies of the Friends of Cities will be held.


In the capacity of the LGMA Focal Point, ICLEI requested the UNFCCC Secretariat to reserve 2 minutes long intervention slots for the LGMA at the opening plenaries on May 8th. These interventions contain for the SBI the importance of the stakeholder engagement workshop; for the SBSTA updates on the Cities IPCC Conference; and for APA 1-2 the need to engage local and subnational governments in the design, implementation and review of NDCs.

In the afternoon of the same day two side events will focus on the importance of subnational governments in climate action:

The event Advancing the Paris Agreement at all levels: Lessons from local, regional and national governments, hosted by ICLEI, CDKN and LEAD, is taking place from 3pm to 4:30pm in room Berlin. The event focuses on the delivery of Nationally Determined Contributions, that relies on effective planning at the national level with full engagement of local and regional governments. The event will share experiences from these different levels of government, and highlight lessons, guiding principles and good practices.

After that, nrg4SD is hosting the side event RegionsAdapt: Regional governments as key actors in climate adaptation from 4:45pm to 6:15pm, also in room Berlin. This side event will provide discussions on the importance of regional governments towards efficient and coherent climate change adaptation. Authorities of regional governments, as well as other expert stakeholders will discuss adaptation approaches and challenges of regional governments, the importance of including these governments in climate action in international negotiations, as well as successful experiences of international initiatives, like RegionsAdapt.

The event will highlight:

  • The role of regional governments to achieve the global goal on adaptation
  • The need for further engagement of regional governments in the formulation and implementation of climate change policies
  • The role of multi-stakeholder dialogue and governance
  • Best practices like RegionsAdapt, an initiative to inspire and support regional governments to act, collaborate and report efforts on climate change adaptation. Launched at UNFCCC COP 21, the initiative expanded from 27 founding members to over 60 members from all continents.

This event will be broadcast via YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ook7rTYfrcs&index=7&list=PL-m2oy1bnLzp5vQEdO1l4WWxwhAJpX7na .You will be able to listen in and view presentations, and pose questions to the panel through the live chat (gmail account is required for this).


On May 9th the SBI will convene an in-session workshop on opportunities to further enhance the effective engagement of non-Party stakeholders with a view to strengthening the implementation of the provisions of decision 1/CP.21. The event will consist of a one-hour panel on how to enhance Party and non-Party stakeholder partnerships for effective engagement, followed by three breakout groups with the following topic:

  • Enhancing ambition of NDCs though climate action;
  • Expanding the scope of non-Party stakeholder contributions at the intergovernmental level; and
  • Diversifying modes of engagement at the intergovernmental level.

The LGMA constituency will actively participate in the panel discussion and nrg4SD will be involved in one of the breakout groups.

MAY 8 – 12

From May 8th to 12th the 2017 Technical Expert Meeting on Mitigation (TEM-M), taking place in the Chamber Hall Plenary, will deal with “Mitigation focusing on cross-cutting issues in urban environment and land use”.

The technical expert meeting will bring together Parties, Convention bodies, international organizations, the donor community and relevant non-Party stakeholders to discuss how actions in urban environment and land use contribute to raising the mitigation ambition and facilitating sustainable development. The meeting will include in-depth discussions and an exchange of experiences in implementing effective planning, policy frameworks and financing instruments to drive public and private investment and, this way, facilitate low-emissions sustainable development.

Session interesting for nr4SD and subnational governments are:

  • May 9th, 11:30am – 1pm: City level collaboration to achieve emission reductions and sustainable development
  • May 9th 1:15pm – 2:45pm: Support for accelerated actions in urban environment and land use to drive mitigation ambition and facilitate sustainable development
  • May 11th 1pm – 3pm: Collaboration Forum to provide national, regional and city governments with a forum to interact with international organisations and representatives from the private sector
  • May 11th 3pm – 4:30pm: Building partnerships to accelerate implementation

MAY 10

On May 10th, there will be two events organised by the Climate Chance Association: A press conference will be held between 12pm and 12:30pm in room Nairobi, presenting the Climate Chance Summit 2017 with Ronan Dantec – President of Climate Chance Association, Brahim Hafidi – President of Souss-Massa Region in Morocco, and Hakima El Haité – High Level Climate Champion.

On the same day, time tbc, there will be side venet presentations of three non-state actors’ international events, namely the Climate Chance Summit 2017, the Desertif’Actions and the Business & Climate Summit.

MAY 12-13

Another highlight for subnational actors will be the 2017 Interconnections Conference, which convenes from May 12th to 13th alongside the UNFCCC conference. The conference aims to explore the interconnections between the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Paris Climate Agreement and will bring together non-state and subnational actors to exchange ideas on this topic.

On May 12th, at 15:30, the Lombardy Foundation for the Environment (FLA) will present on Parallel Session 6 “Realizing Inclusive Transformation at all Levels” the experience of mainstreaming climate change adaptation at sub-national level in Lombardy, Italy: lessons learnt, instruments and possible pathways for the implementation of the SDGs agenda at the local level.

Also on May 13th a nrg4SD member will have the opportunity to participate in the side event Marrakech Partnership: Building trust and inclusiveness in non-Party stakeholder engagement. The event, organised by York University and Colorado State University will be held from 11:30am to 1pm in room Berlin and focuses on the role of multi-stakeholder dialogues under the Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action for building trust and inclusiveness in non-Party stakeholder engagement.

MAY 15 – 16

The second week of the Climate Change Conference will see the 5th Dialogue on Action for Climate Empowerment. The dialogue will be held on Monday, May 15th and Tuesday, May 16th from 3pm to 6pm in room Santiago de Chile. The objective of the Dialogue is to provide a regular forum for Parties and other stakeholders to share their experiences, good practices and lessons learned, and exchange ideas regarding the implementation of Action for Climate Empowerment. The 5th Dialogue will be organized in two sessions which will each focus on one thematic area with international cooperation being discussed as a cross-cutting theme.

  • Session I: Climate Change Education and International Cooperation on this matter;
  • Session II: Climate Change Training and International Cooperation on this matter.

Both sessions will include presentations on good practices and lessons learned followed by working-group discussions. The Dialogue will seek to inspire and energise participants through inspirational speeches and presentations. The nrg4SD was invited to present the RegionsAdapt initiative in the second session of the Dialogue.

MAY 16 – 17

On May 16th and 17th 10am to 5pm, the Technical Expert Meeting on Adaptation will take place in the Chamber Hall Plenary as part of Technical Examination Process on Adaptation (TEP-A). The TEP-A was established at COP 21 as part of the enhanced action prior to 2020 in the decision adopting the Paris Agreement. The TEP-A will seek to identify concrete opportunities for strengthening resilience, reducing vulnerabilities, and increasing the understanding and implementation of adaptation actions. The topic for the 2017 TEP-A is “Integrating climate change adaptation with the Sustainable Development Goals and the Sendai Framework on Disaster Risk Reduction”.

The first day of the meeting is especially interesting, since it will contain three breakout groups

  • Resilient ecosystems;
  • Resilient societies; and
  • Resilient economies;

in which participants are to discuss challenges and opportunities, including opportunities for joint action, and identify recommendations on the topic of the meeting.

For other events interesting to regional governments, please consult our briefing for members and check also the official schedule of the conference.


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