GA 2018

nrg4SD General Assembly & International Conference on Biodiversity

nrg4SD’s annual General Assembly is the Network’s most important internal event. This year, the General Assembly will take place on the 19 – 20, June 2018, alongside the International Conference on Biodiversity entitled: “A territorial rights-based approach to biodiversity”, on the 21 – 22 June 2018.

Both events will be hosted by Azuay, nrg4SD’s President for the South, in Cuenca, Ecuador. 

The International Conference will serve as a space and opportunity for government representatives, policy-makers, academia and civil society to engage and mainstream the debate on biodiversity and sustainable development. As biodiversity is an environmental cross-cutting issue, the event will serve as a preparatory meeting for regional governments to position their actions and commitments to biodiversity conservation and prepare their contribution to the Conference of the Parties of the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP 14)

The themes to be addressed in the two days of the Conference will be:

1. Aichi Targets, SDGs, Climate Change and the role of regional governments;
2. Public policies and governance for biodiversity conservation
3. Endangered species, fragile and threatened ecosystems;
4. Gender and Biodiversity;
5. Local communities, Indigenous Peoples and Biodiversity;
6. Biodiversity integration in industrial, infrastructure and bio-commerce sectors.

See the full Conference programme here.

Watch below the invitation messages from Mr. Paul Carrasco Carpio, President of Azuay and Ms. Maria Cecilia Alvarado Vice-President of Azuay and President for the South of nrg4SD to attend this exciting event:

Preliminary Programme:

Dissemination Materials:

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Please read the full Press Release here: EN; ES

For more information about the Conference, consult the full concept note in English,Spanish or French.

For logistic details, please consult the logistics package in ENES or FR.









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