Co-Chairs - Vice-Chairs - Treasury General Assembly - Steering Committee

Co-Chair for the North 
 His Excellency His Excellency Mr. Santiago Vila i Vicente                                 
Minister for Territory and Sustainability of the Government of Catalonia (Spain)                            

Co-Chair for the South

His Excellency Mr. Bruno Covas
Secretary of State for the Environment of the Government of São Paulo (Brazil)              

Vice-Chair for Latin America and the Caribbean

His Excellency Mr. Fernando Gutiérrez Moreno

Secretary of State for Sustainable Development of Nuevo Leon (Mexico)
Coordinator General of the Mexican National Association of State Environmental Authorities ANAAE 

Vice-Chair for North America

His Excellency Mr. Vladimir Vasiliev
Executive Director of The Northern Forum (Alaska, USA)

Vice-Chair for Asia

Dr. Ir. Hidayat M.Si.
Head of the Environmental Board of the Governmen of the Province of North Sumatra (Indonesia)

Vice-Chair for Europe

His Excellency Mr. Pierrick Massiot
President of the Regional Council of Brittany (France)

His Excellency Mr. Dominique Ramard
President of the Environment-Energy Commisssion of the Regional Council of Brittany (France)


Mr. Nicolas Dervaux 
Director of Finance and Budget
Wallonie-Bruxelles-International WBI (Belgium)

2, Place Sainctelette
1080 Brussels
Tel : +32/2/421.87.88
Languages: FR, EN

General Assembly

The General Assembly is the highest authority responsible of the general policy of nrg4SD. It is composed of all members, each of them having one vote and its meets in ordinary session once a year. The General Assembly has the broadest competence with a view to achieve the goals of the organisation, including decisions concerning the acceptance or exclusion of members; decisions concerning the appointment and dismissal of Steering Committee members, the Secretary General and the Treasurer;decisions with regard to amendments of the statutes of the organisation and its voluntary dissolution, and the adoption of annual accounts, budget and report.

The 2012 General Assembly took place on 18 June in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  - more information available here >

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is the governing body of nrg4SD and meets twice per year in ordinary sessions. The Steering Committee guides and supervises the work of the Secretariat and the Treasury.

The 2012 Steering Committee took place on 17 June in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - documents available here (Steering Committee members only) >



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