How we work

Working directly with the UN and the EU

Early since its creation, the Network has worked directly with and been accredited to several entities of the United Nations (UN), including the Environment Programme UNEP, the Framework Convention on Climate Change UNFCCC and the Convention on Biological Diversity CBD. Thanks to the presence of its permanent Secretariat in Brussels (Belgium), nrg4SD works directly witht he different institutions of the European Union (EU).

nrg4SD Working groups

The Network consists of a series of working groups which enhance the ‘network approach’ of the organisation. The activities carried out by each working group contribute to positioning the Network and its member governments in international initiatives, and to identifying project proposals for interregional cooperation.

Current nrg4SD working groups concentrate on: (1) international climate change negotiations; (2) financing climate action at subnational level; (3) forest policy; (4) the implementation of the Plan of Action on Subnational Governments, Cities and other Local Authorities of the UN Convention for Biological Diversity; (5) water resources and sanitation, and (6) the Rio +20 sustainable development process.

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nrg4SD establishes partnerships with national and local governments, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), the business sector and academia.

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nrg4SD Statutory meetings

The General Assembly and Steering Committee of nrg4SD ensure that the governance of the Network is exercised directly by its members, who also elect the Chairs and Vice-Chairs. The Network has a Secretariat and a Treasury, which are coordinated by the Secretary General.

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