Interview with Sud-Comoé

Interview with Mr. Jean Louis Moulot, Vice-President Sud-Comoé, during COP22

Thursday 16th November 2016

What is the government of Sud Comoé doing to ensure the concrete implementation of adaptation measures on the ground?
The region Sud Comoé initiated a series of actions that fall under the fields of climate adaptation and mitigation. Our region has an extraordinary agricultural development and counts with a large plant cover. Unfortunately, that plant cover is affected by deforestation due to industrial crops. Therefore, the first action we have developed consists in an activism with major producers to achieve zero deforestation in regards to the crops at the time of ensuring energy availability; the second action is related to the waste produced by those industrial crops, the decrease of GHG emissions and the production of coal with the aim of reducing human pressure on forests, especially those protected ones; the third action will be developed along 2017 and has to do with the preservation and restoration of mangroves. Since Sud Comoé is covered by lands that use sea and fluvial waters, the preservation of mangroves is crucial to ensure in the region air quality and the improvement of maritime biodiversity, as well as the decrease of activities responsible for forest reduction. All those targets will be achieved when developing such action.
How does the RegionsAdapt initiative support your region in achieving climate adaptation?
We decided to join RegionsAdapt because it is an initiative that perfectly reflects our needs and reality. Besides, it is an initiative that gathers regions from five continents that are different but share the same commitment to implement concrete actions on the ground for climate adaptation. The initiative represents our concerns in terms of climate change and its impacts at regional level, and that is precisely the reason why we decided to join RegionsAdapt and support it as founding member. In addition, RegionsAdapt is a fantastic platform to exchange and share experiences with other regions from across the world with regards our common challenge: climate change. Since solidarity and mutual support are crucial when tackling a global risk such as climate change, RegionsAdapt means a fantastic platform to that end.
What is the common message from regions when considering their role to climate change adaptation?
With regards to the role of regional governments in global challenges such as climate change, I can only join what increasingly has been said around the international discussion tables: that the implementation of adaptation and mitigation measures is mainly done at subnational level and not only at national level; and therefore major strategies at national level must provide a sense of ownership to territories including regions and locals – the levels where climate challenges and risks really take shape-. For all the aforementioned, it is vital that regions are present at the Conferences of Parties of the UNFCCC and that our voice is progressively heard to tackle efficiently and in an integrated way climate challenges.


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