11 November 18:30 - 20:00

Marrakech Partnership Human Settlements thematic day closing roundtable: Recommendations for sustainable human settlements

Starts: 11 November - 18:30

Ends: 11 November - 20:00

Location: COP23 - Bonn Zone - Room 2

This session will present the outcomes of Human Settlements Day. It will look specifically at recommendations resulting from the different sessions to obtain sustainable, low-carbon, resilient human settlement forms that promote peoples’ health and well-being.

Moderator: Mr Carlos de Freitas, Co-Director/Director of Programs, FMDV & Co-Secretariat of CCFLA

Impulse presentation: Dr. Tania Roediger-Vorwerk, Deputy Director General at Directorate 31 – Sustainable Development; Natural Resources; Economic Policy and Infrastructure; and Director of Strategy and Policy planning in the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)


  • Mr. Arturo Javier Palero Castro, Director of Transversal Management for Climate Change: The role of multilevel governance from regional perspective.
  • Ms Nassénéba Touré, Mayor of Odienné, Ivory Coast (UCLG/ GTF): The role of multilevel governance from a local perspective.
  • Dr Sipra Narang-Suri, Coordinator, Urban Planning and Design Branch, UN Habitat: The role of urban planning in building sustainable human settlements.
  • Mr Mark Radka, Head of Energy and Climate Branch at UN Environment: Sustainable buildings for sustainable human settlements.
  • Ms Cristiana V.  Fragola, Director of Partnerships & Government Relation, Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy: How to finance the urban transformation.
  • Ms Maryke van Staden, Low Carbon City Program Manager at ICLEI-local governments for sustainability: Impact and implications of the Carbon Climate Registry Report 2017.

This session is the closing of the Human Settlement Day –a joint thematic event organized in the framework of the Global Climate Action in partnership with the Global Taskforce, including: United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), C40, ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, nrg4SD/ RegionsAdapt, Global Fund for Cities Development – FMDV/ CCFLA, UN-Habitat, the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction(GABC)/UN Environment as well as WRI and GIZ (see appendix for more information).

The full Global Climate Action Program is available here.

Already over 50% of humans live in cities which are the centre of economic activity but also consume the vast majority of resources. Urban areas are responsible for a significant portion of GHG emissions, while negative climate change impacts heavily affect them too. Sectors connected to Human Settlements have a significant impact on climate change themselves. Buildings for instance are responsible for 30-40 percent of GHG emissions. Yet cities are also innovation and efficiency hubs. Decarbonizing and increasing the resilience of the different sectors in Human Settlements, especially where addressed jointly, can mean a considerable step forward in climate change mitigation and adaptation.

This thematic day aims to:

(1) Make recommendations for climate change mitigation & adaptation;

(2) Highlight progress & promising initiative;

(3) Outline how Human Settlements can contribute to implementing the Paris Agreement;

(4) Promote actions/commitments from different Human Settlements sectors.


Download here the Climate Action Program.


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