Regions prepare to adopt Reunion Island Declaration at the upcoming nrg4SD General Assembly

At the occasion of nrg4SD 15-year anniversary, member regional governments will adopt the landmark Reunion Island Declaration at the upcoming nrg4SD General Assembly, hosted by the Reunion Island government on 4-6 October, 2017. Taking advantage of this special moment, the document will serve as a reviewing addenda of nrg4SD founding charter, the Gauteng Declaration, which for all these 15 years drove the Network ambitious and principles.

Many challenges have arisen 15 years after the Earth Summit, in Johannesburg 2002, when nrg4SD was conceived. Climate change became widely accepted as one the biggest threat to the future of the planet, however efforts on mitigation and adaptation are still far from enough. The fast-growing pace of cities, the increasing pressure over biodiversity, the gender-gap among other crucial elements required to achieve sustainable development are at the core of the agenda of regional governments.

Considering these, the Reunion Island Declaration comes to confirm the commitment of nrg4SD, its member regional governments and associations to the achievement of sustainable development in subnational territories. In celebration to the recognition and increased participation of regional governments by recent global frameworks and agreements, the Declaration configures a milestone to nrg4SD future, by formally incorporating the Paris Climate Agreement, the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development, the New Urban Agenda, among other global goals in its charter.

Moreover, the Reunion Island Declaration highlights nrg4SD flagship initiatives, as the RegionsAdapt and the Regions4Biodiversity Learning Platform, as crucial actions to enable the concrete implementation of these different agreements. Therefore, 15 years after its creation, the Reunion Island Declaration confirms the fundamental role of nrg4SD in mobilizing, representing and assisting regional governments to have a stronger global participation and improved policies on the ground.



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