Reporting to RegionsAdapt in 2017

Reporting efforts on climate adaptation annually, through CDP´s States and Regions Platform, represents one of the three commitments of RegionsAdapt members. In 2017, this will take place from April 10th to June 30th, when the platform remains open to data submissions.

Accessing the platform requires a login and a password provided by CDP. Governments who had previous contact with CDP should have already received their access details, while the others will be receiving it in the upcoming days. In any case, RegionsAdapt Secretariat will be contacting each government in the next weeks to ensure it has access to the platform.

To successfully report to RegionsAdapt, members are requested to fulfill sections 1 and 5 of the online questionnaire. In section 1 (Introduction), disclosing governments are asked to provide a general description of their jurisdiction, answering a few questions related to basic information about the regional government´s profile, such as land area, population, and Gross Domestic Product. Section 5 (Risks and Adaptation) is comprised of nine questions covering regional governments’ risks and actions in terms of water supply and physical and socioeconomic impacts. Based on the information gathered in these sections, RegionsAdapt Secretariat expects to publish a report in January 2018, highlighting key findings and general trends related to the disclosing governments´ efforts on climate adaptation. The data provided by 27 members last year led to the publication of the “RegionsAdapt 2016 Report: An assessment of risks and actions

CDP´s reporting platform allow members to showcase their efforts on climate adaptation within the “most comprehensive collection globally of primary corporate environmental data from companies, cities, states and regions.” Currently, over 5500 companies, 530 cities, and 100 states and regions from over 90 countries disclose information through CDP. Moreover, publicly disclosing information on climate change is a valuable tool for measuring progress and heightening transparency. As a result, it can improve management and accountability, which may ultimately help to bring climate negotiations in the right directions.

CDP and RegionsAdapt Secretariat will support your government throughout this entire process. On April 5th, CDP provided a first guidance and orientation session on a webinar, whose recording and presentation are available here. Should you have any doubt or need any further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us:





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