São Paulo celebrates the success of the Nascentes Program

The State Program fights the effects of climate change by restoring and protecting the riparian forests

February 08, 2018

Text: Dirceu Rodrigues – Photos: Pedro Calado

Signing Ceremony PSA – Mr. Mauricio Brusadin, Secretary of Environment of the State of Sao Paulo

“10 thousand soccer fields and 12 million seedlings planted since the beginning of the Nascentes Program”, celebrated Governor Geraldo Alckmin on Thursday, February 8, when he presented the balance of the main achievements of the Nascentes, created in 2015 after the water crisis which struck the state during 2013 and 2014.

Alckmin also spoke about overcoming the goals outlined. “In the first phase, until March 2016, we planted 4,464 hectares. In the second phase, 7,200, we almost doubled. Now we want to reach 10,000 hectares by December this year, totaling 16 million seedlings planted. ”

In his speech, the Secretary Maurício Brusadin showed the evolution of the Nascentes Program since its creation to the main achievements of 2017: the possibility of converting fines into environmental services, the Memorandum of Understanding signed with the Sugar Cane Industry Union (Unica) and the Organization of Sugarcane Planters of the Central-South Region of Brazil (Orplana), the more than 3,000 hectares that had their restoration started in 2017 in addition to the new calls of Environmental Service Payments (PSA).

“The Nascentes is only the first step,” said Brusadin, and concluded: “We want the whole society to participate also in the Florestas Paulistas program and the PSA call for proposals that are being launched.”

The Environment Secretariat has certified over 140 partners, including funders, restaurateurs and owners who have developed actions within the Nascentes Program. At the end of the ceremony, ten participants received the certificate by the governor and the secretary.

New PSA contracts were signed

During the event, three rural producers signed commitment terms for Payment for Environmental Services (PSA). Davi Lopes, Vlademir Otaviano and José Veríssimo de Moraes will receive funds for the implementation of fences and other measures with the objective of protecting native vegetation in regeneration.

Established by Resolution SMA 142/2017, the PSA Mata Ciliar is part of the Sustainable Rural Development Project – Microbacias II, executed by SMA and the Secretariat of Agriculture and Supply. With World Bank resources, paid by FEAP / SAA, the goal is to protect native vegetation (building fences and firebreaks, green manuring) in small properties.

For those interested in participating in the program, the beneficiary selection call for the PSA Mata Ciliar was published on 12 Jan, 2017 and will be open until 1 March, 2018. It is destined to the areas of São Luiz do Paraitinga, Natividade da Serra, Paraibuna, São Francisco Xavier, Bananal, Cunha and Pedro de Toledo. There are already 50 participants from the municipalities of São Luís do Paraitinga, Bananal and Paraibuna. To register, click here.

Atlantic Forest Connection

Small producers in the Vale do Paraíba can also participate in the Atlantic Forest Connection Project, which is funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF).


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