Subnational Leadership on the road to COP 14

The upcoming meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP 14), to be taken place in the city of Sharm El-Sheik (17-29 November, 2018) presents a unique opportunity to advance globally significant actions and commitments from subnational leaders.

nrg4SD will have a very active agenda as co-organizers of the 6th Global Biodiversity Summit of Local and Subnational Governments (23-24 November), the event will gather high-level representatives from regional and national governments, UN Agencies, non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders to advance a unified message in relation to the biggest topics to be discussed at COP 14, with the objective of integrating a regional perspective into the discussions of the Conference.

Focus Session 5 Regional governments towards 2020 and beyond: mainstreaming biodiversity across all sectors in the context of the SDGs” of the Summit, will particularly highlight the instrumental importance of regional leadership in the definition of a post-2020 framework. The session will be chaired by nrg4SD’s President for the South, Governor Paul Carrasco, from Azuay (Ecuador) and facilitated by nrg4SD’s President for the North, Ms. Joke Schauvliege, Flemish Minister for Environment, Nature and Agriculture, Government of Flanders (Belgium).

The Members of the Advisory Committee on Subnational Governments and Biodiversity (AC SNG), a platform coordinated by nrg4SD, together with local leaders will showcase subnational success stories during the side-event Roadmap for local and subnational mobilization towards CBD COP 15(25 November – 13:15), in which will launch the Subnational Coalition for Biodiversity Action, a document that sends a message of collaboration and support to the Parties as it reaffirms the regions’ commitment to the global biodiversity agenda.

Additionally, nrg4SD and some of its leading members will host the side-event titled: “Regional governments: a cross-sectional approach to accelerate global ambitions in Climate Change, Biodiversity and SDGs (25 November – 18:15). The objective of this event is to promote a greater integration of global agendas to foster a coherent, integrated, and co-beneficial implementation of actions under the Paris Agreement, the 2030 Agenda, and other relevant international frameworks, as stated in the Declaration Regional Governments – The Key to Mainstreaming Biodiversity Across Sectors, a document in which nrg4SD members catalyze a very relevant message to the Parties of the Convention.

Similarly, the members of the Regions for Biodiversity Learning Platform (R4BLP) will host a side-event at the margins of the Communication, Education and Public Awareness Fair, in which the regions participating will showcase the results of the platform after two years of learning exchanges and contributions to the CBD dialogues. The side-event Empowering Subnational Governments to Implement the CBD and the ABT through Innovation, Cooperation and Collaboration”, (26 November, 10 am) will have the participation of R4BLP members of Quebec, Palawan, Sao Paulo and Aichi.

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