Towards the 2018 RegionsAdapt Report: A collaboration between nrg4SD and CDP

On February 7th, the “RegionsAdapt 2017 Report: Regions accelerating climate change adaptation” was launched in an open online event. The report compiled the data reported by 35 regional governments, showing that in comparison with 2016, more regions reported about their climate risks and adaptation actions, which is a great sign that climate adaptation actions are taken seriously in all governance levels and this milestone needs to be shown.

For this year, 2018, our ambitions keep growing and as you are aware, one of the commitments of RegionsAdapt members is to report annually on the progress achieved in climate adaptation. To that end, the nrg4SD in partnership with CDP, provides a renewed platform to gather and systemize climate action information.

The new platform was designed by CDP and it will allow RegionsAdapt members to report their climate data in a simpler and more intuitive way. In addition, we are pleased to inform that the 2018 Questionnaire for the 2018 RegionsAdapt reporting is now available and members can also request it in its Spanish, French and Portuguese versions to

We highly recommend regions to begin the process of familiarizing with the 2018 questionnaire, identifying what data is being requested and to whom ask for it and finally, to create a plan to gather the data. In order to facilitate the understanding of the dynamics of reporting and the benefits of disclosing climate data, RegionsAdapt and CDP will be hosting a Webinar on Reporting Orientation on Thursday, 19th April at 15h00 CEST. For registration to the webinar please click here.

Afterwards, on April 30th, the reporting platform will be open.

Reporting your region’s efforts will not only help us to track your progress on climate action, but will also allow you to learn the successful experiences from others and therefore, improve your actions and get global support and access to unique tools that will guide you on your journey to a sustainable and resilient territory.




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