Working groups

Ongoing working groups

The current working groups of nrg4SD are:
•International task force on climate change negotiations – coordinated by Catalonia and Quebec
•Financing climate action – coordinated by Brittany
•Biological diversity – coordinated by Rhone Alpes and Paraná
•Water resources and sanitation – coordinated by the Basque Country

Why working groups?

In 2011, the nrg4SD Secretariat put forward a strategy aiming to establish several working groups within the Network in order to:
•Create dynamism and enhance the “network approach” for the activities and interests of member, within the framework of the topics identified for work programme 2008-2011.
•Work on specific and concrete areas, aiming to position the Network in international initiatives and, as appropriate, identifying project proposals for interregional cooperation, which could fall under calls for proposals of international funding sources
•Enhance the strategic vision and long-term work of the Network.

How are working groups organised?

The working groups share a common structure: each led by a coordinating member, which is assisted by two supporting members (one of them if possible from the South). In addition, all working group members are encouraged to participate actively in the group. Participants shall be in a position to exchange their ongoing works on the matter or demonstrate significant interest in the issue. This is also in the interest of establishing working groups with a reasonable number of members in order to allow for actual exchange and collaboration.

A draft work programme is put forward by the coordinator, the supporting members and the Secretariat in close consultation with all working group members. The programme is prepared in order to identify:
•Specific objectives.
•International initiatives for lobby in favour of a subnational dimension.
•Events where the presence or the participation of nrg4SD would be desirable.
•Topics of common interest on which to build project proposals for interregional cooperation, which can be eligible for European and international funding.

Each work programme is nevertheless to the objectives of each working group, bearing in mind the evolving character of these.

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